Think your startup idea is pure gold?

Pitch your startup idea and get roasted

Not the typical 'pat on the back' kind of feedback. Prepare for some brutally honest, side-splittingly funny roasts as you pitch your startup idea.

Hell's Pitching - Pitch your startup idea and get roasted | Product Hunt
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Brainstorm with Hell's Pitching

The ruthlessly honest AI-powered assistant you need to build a better startup

No Sugarcoating
Hell's Pitching doesn't hold back. It dishes out brutally honest feedback with a side of humor. Expect no-nonsense critiques that'll make you laugh and think.
Laugh & Learn
Underneath the roast, there's wisdom that often leads to 'aha' moments. Discover innovative insights that can transform your startup idea.
Roast on your schedule
Whether it's the middle of the night or a lunch break brainstorm get grilled whenever you need it, 24/7.
Roasting without the bill
Enjoy the full roasting experience for free. If you appreciate what we do, you can always buy us a coffee as a token of support. We roast, you decide!


We bring the heat.
They bring the love.

Hell's Pitching - Pitch your startup idea and get roasted | Product Hunt

“I love the idea. Startup founders don't need a single misleading guide or fake praise - instead, we need brutal honesty. So that we can know that someone else than our mom thinks the idea is good.”

Julia Suontama

"Not the product we asked for, but the product we needed.”

Dan Tegzes

"Haha, great idea. Devils advocate is what startup needs to get better!”

Bart van de Kooij

"Love this! Very insightful approach at helping startups”

Alice Chen

"I just tested it with one idea and indeed it spotted weak part fast. Thanks for creating and sharing it."


“Sounds like a great idea! Having an honest AI assistant to provide thoughtful feedback will be invaluable in building a successful startup.”

Ayesha Awan

"I just tried your tool, and I must say it's a great tool, it gives so many different perspectives on how people can ask questions. Love the tool.”


"Hell's Pitching seems like a great tool to help entrepreneurs refine their ideas before hitting the market. It's always better to find flaws early on rather than after investing time and resources into a launch. Thanks for creating such a unique tool to guide and challenge budding entrepreneurs in a fun way!”

Narendra Solanki


Free for everyone

Indie Hackers

For those who are already paying for a side project with a lot of sweat and tears.

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  • ChatGPT 3.5
  • Unlimited insults
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Most popular

For those who are serious about their startup idea and want to get roasted even more.

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For those who have a lot of money... well you should be the one roasting us.

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  • Unlimited insults
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Frequently asked questions

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What is Hell's Pitching?
Hell's Pitching is an AI-powered assistant that helps entrepreneurs refine their startup ideas. It provides brutally honest feedback and ask questions to challenge and guide founders in building better startups.
How does Hell's Pitching work?
Simply pitch your startup idea to our AI assistant and receive side-splittingly funny roasts that provide unique and insightful feedback.
Can Hell's Pitching help me brainstorm startup ideas?
Yes, Hell's Pitching can help you brainstorm startup ideas by providing you different perspectives and helping you ask the right questions.
How much does Hell's Pitching cost?
Hell's Pitching is free for everyone. Free for Indie Hackers, free for Startups, free for Enterprises. We believe that everyone should have access to brutally honest feedback.